Image Upload


Thank you for choosing Simply Fit Boilers

1. In order for us to proceed with the order and confirm your installation date please upload the following pictures as soon as possible through the upload link provided below, or if you prefer you can WhatsApp them to our business number on 01925 877 457 or even email them to us at quoting your order number. 

2. Once we have reviewed the pictures, we may or may not need to contact you for further information.

3. Just so you know in most cases we can confirm an order within 24 hours after receiving the pictures.

Feel free to upload more than 6 pictures if you feel there is any information that will assist us, or anything else you need us to be aware of, such as anything that could obstructs us in our work or make the job more difficult. The more information we can have about the job the better we can serve you

Image 1. A photograph of your existing boiler, showing (where possible) the surrounding pipework and flue connection (a second close up photo of the pipe work under the boiler is also helpful)

Image 2. A photograph of the existing flue terminal outside, in relation to any openable windows or doors, preferably showing the wider property (if your flue is vertical that means photographing the roof… if it’s a flat roof that you can’t access don’t worry)

Image 3. A photograph (if applicable) of your hot water cylinder showing all exposed pipework and the surrounding area

Image 4. A photograph of your gas meter and the surrounding area

Image 5. If you’re having your boiler moved, a picture of the new boiler location showing the surrounding area

Image 6. If you have a separate power shower or pump we will need a photograph of both

If you have any questions whatsoever just give us a ring on 01925 877 457. We’re on hand to help between 8am-5:30pm Monday to Friday and 8am-1pm Saturday, if you call us or message us outside these hours leave us a message and we will ring you back the next working day. (excluding bank holidays)