About Simply Fit

Why use simply fit boilers?

Due to our extensive gas industry experience & close partnerships with manufacturers, we can offer an unparalleled online boiler purchase experience, installation & aftercare service. Ensuring our valued customers receive a first class experience every time. In most cases you get a free whopping 10 year parts and labour warranty!

Is simply fit boilers gas safe registered?

Yes we hold full Gas Safe registration. Our registration number is 639344.

Are your engineers gas safe registered?

Our gas engineers are not only backed, trusted and regulated by Gas Safe but vetted by us personally to our rigorous standards, we only employ time served City & Guilds fitters so you’re assured of a quality boiler installation every time.

Do simply fit undertake commercial work?

Yes absolutely, we are one of the few web based companies that can quote & carry out commercial gas installation, service and repair work. We are fully qualified, Gas Safe registered and our engineers have many years experience in the domestic and commercial gas industry. This actually puts us head and shoulders above most firms when it comes to technical expertise and understanding of larger systems.

What do you offer that other online boiler companies don’t?

We offer a much more personalised service than other firms. We’re backed by over 20 years experience, we’ve also partnered with the best boiler manufacturers so we can still be competitive on price. With Simply Fit you really don’t have to compromise on anything.

Placing Orders

Can I get an online quote?

Absolutely! Should you wish to get a fixed price quotation via our website please answer all the questions to the best of your ability and we’ll provide you with an instant fixed price and endeavour to install on your requested date. If there’s any problems or questions we’ll be sure to contact you immediately to iron out any sticking points so we can get your boiler install underway as soon as possible. Just remember we’re only a phone call away.

Can I move my boiler to a new location?

The short answer is yes, but at a cost. Moving a boiler involves a considerable amount of work, time and materials to move all the pipework and electrical connections. We’ve included a price in our online quoting system so you know up front how much it will cost, nothing hidden everything included.

What sort of information is necessary to get a quote?

Our online quoting system will give you a fixed and bespoke quotation for most typical domestic boiler installations, however, feel free to call us and we’re happy to discuss more specific requirements, or answer any questions you have and if you like we’ll come and see you at home.

How do you provide a quote without seeing my property?

All boilers are not equal, most online boiler companies will only quote simple combi boiler replacements as this makes it easier for them to quote, they sometimes overestimate the price to cover their “unexpected costs”.  At Simply Fit we are heating specialists with over 20 years experience, our online quoting system can offer bespoke quotations for combi boilers,  system boilers and heat only boilers as we have literally thought of almost everything. Should your property fall outside of the parameters for an online quote we’ll let you know straight away and ask you to call us to book a home survey, we’ll come to you free of charge and workout a price for you there and then in most cases so there’s no hanging around.

How do I know if my current boiler is rated correctly for my property, or do I need a different size?

The gas Industry is such that boilers typically get incorrectly by inexperienced companies, Not at Simply Fit,  before your order is confirmed we’ll double check your requirements and make sure your boiler is sized correctly for your home to ensure the best performance and efficiency. If you’ve decided to have a combi boiler fitted and require better hot water flow rates you might want to increase the kW rating of your boiler to suit but rest assured our engineers will range rate your boiler on commissioning to perfectly suit the exact output required on heating so you get the best of both worlds and whilst maintaining efficiency.

How do I place an order if I am building a new house and want the best option for my property?

For a new build properties and full refurbishments we would recommend booking a survey, we’ll come out go through everything with you and recommend the best solution for your heating and hot water requirements. Don’t just be talked into a combi because uncle bill has one and he says they are great, there may be a better more efficient solution.

What types of services are available, and what benefits do they offer to my system?

We offer two types of service the first is a maintenance inspection this is a minor service and covers all aspects of safety & operation, it’s basically a once over for peace of mind it still includes a flue gas analysis to check efficiency, the second option is what Simply Fit and most premium manufacturers recommend to support your product warranty and we believe is the most thorough and best option, should you choose this option your really are giving your boiler the best chance to last you for many years to come! We’ll even check your radiators and clean out your magnetic filter at no extra cost.

About Our Boilers

Are combi boilers reliable?

A combi boiler is a self contained unit that historically used to have lots of internal parts, they got quite a bad reputation years ago for being unreliable but this is definitely not the case now, they have much less moving parts and are extremely reliable if fitted correctly.

Millions of homes in the UK are heated using combi boilers and it has to be said they were a genius invention. We of course can advise if a combi is suitable for your property, just give us a call.

Do you install storage combi boilers?

Yes we do, we know in some cases a standard combi boiler just won’t cut the mustard for your hot water requirements, that’s why we offer storage combi’s with a built in hot water tank, these units are not that much bigger than a normal combi boiler but can deliver hot water at approx 20 litres a minute which is nearly double the rate of a normal combi, feel free to give us a ring if you want to find out more.

Can a new new boiler really be that much more efficient?

Yes Absolutely!  Generally traditional boilers waste huge amounts of energy through the hot flue gasses, modern boilers recycle the heat lost from the gasses so you may get away with a slightly smaller output boiler that is much more efficient. Think of it like this, with your old boiler if you spend £100 you may get £60-£70 back in heat, with a new boiler fitted and sized correctly you spend £100 and get around £98 back in heat.

As an owner of a new boiler, what is required of me to keep my warranty active?

To maintain your boiler warranty you must get your boiler service properly every year, when we say properly we mean according to manufacturer’s instructions, thankfully at Simply Fit we are manufacturer approved and can take care of this for you just give us a call or book online

How often should I service my new boiler?

At simply fit we take our customers safety very seriously & we recommend that you get your boiler serviced at least annually to keep your boiler in great shape and support your warranty, we can off course do that for you, please visit our servicing and maintenance page here (link)

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